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Beginner - Kids (age 6-11)

Beginner Kids

Cours standards
I don't speak French, I want to learn!
Pace: Normal 1x semaine
Beginner - Teens (age 12-16)

Beginner Teens

Cours standards
I don't speak French, I want to learn!
Pace: Normal 1x semaine
Francophone - Enfants (6-11)

Reading for Kids

Cours standards
Je parle ou comprends le français, je suis à l'école francophone ou en immersion. I speak or understand French, I am at the French school or in immersion.
Pace: Normal 1x semaine
Homeschoolers (age 6-16)

Homeschoolers workshops

Join the group! Open to age 6 to 16; children and teenagers will learn and practice together in French through games and craft activities.
Pace: Normal 1x semaine

Camps de jour

Camps de jour - 6 à 11 ans

SEMAINE 1 - Les scientifiques

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 2 - Les aventuriers

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 3 - Les pirates et les sirènes

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 4 - Les cuisiniers

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 5 - Les historiens

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 6 - Les inspecteurs

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 7 - Les architectes

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 8 - Les écologistes

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 9 - Les astronautes

Camp d'été

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Code: 2024.03.Homeschoolers.workshops
3 workshops on:
Thursday, Feb 29, 1pm to 3 pm
Thursday, Mar 14, 1pm to 3 pm
Thursday, Mar 28, 1pm to 3 pm
Thursday, Apr 11, 1pm to 3 pm
Thursday, Apr 18, 1pm to 3 pm

Total of 10 hours

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