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We provide engaging French classes designed for children and teenagers who are eager to learn the language. Our classes are intentionally kept small to foster an interactive and enjoyable learning environment, where they can absorb French naturally through play and exploration of different cultures.

For homeschoolers, we have activities during the week.

Additionally, we host immersive workshops in French tailored for both immersion and Francophone youths. These workshops offer a unique opportunity to acquire new skills while actively using French beyond traditional classroom settings.

We also have tutoring options here.

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July-August session: EARLY BIRD discount for registrations up to and including June 8.

*Please note: the number of hours is for a class of 4 students or more. If 3 students register, 1 week will be canceled. The class will be completely canceled if only 2 or less students register.

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Beginner - Kids (age 6-11)

French Discovery (Kids)

Cours standards
I don't speak French, I want to learn!
Pace: Normal 1x semaine
Beginner - Teens (age 12-16)

French Discovery (Teens)

Cours standards
I don't speak French, I want to learn!
Pace: Normal 1x semaine

Camps de jour

Camps de jour - 6 à 11 ans

SEMAINE 4 - Les cuisiniers

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 5 - Les historiens

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 6 - Les inspecteurs

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 7 - Les architectes

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 8 - Les écologistes

Camp d'été

SEMAINE 9 - Les astronautes

Camp d'été

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