Facility Rental

Rent our premises for your next gathering or professional event. Our main hall can welcome over a hundred persons and our commercial kitchen is very handy to warm up the amuse-bouche or to start your culinary business.

The CCFO’s facilities are available
for business and non-profit events

Conferences, concerts, catering, or community gathering.

Multipurpose Room

Located in a former church, the multipurpose room is a wide space of 1541 feet square, under a  high ceiling. A 198 feet square stage allows the space to host different kinds of shows. The library in place on both sides of the room is hidden with curtains while the room is rented to give a neutral atmosphere. 
During our hours of operation, our members are subjected to visit the CCFO. To avoid disturbance, black curtains can be closed to isolate our front desk office and our visitors from your event.

Rental includes

4 round tables
40 chairs
a mobile bar

Rentals over 4 hours are considered a day.

Additional equipments can be rented

(see the equipment section below)

Max. Capacity

128 pax


$50/h or $350/day


$70/h or $500/day

extra fee

$5/h after 8:00pm



$40/h or $300/day


$60/h or $400/day

Multipurpose Room & Kitchen


$80/h or $600/day


$120/h or $900/day

extra fee

$5/h after 8:00pm

Additional Equipments

Sound System


Professional Spotlights


Projector and Screen


Foldable Tables (16 pcs)


Baldwin Grand Piano


Foldable Benches (14 pcs)


Parking available for weekdays rental.


Ready to rent?

Fill page 1 of the Rental Agreement

Send it to info@leccfo.org

We will confirm availability and finalize the agreement with you

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